Farmers encouraged to adopt Conservation Agriculture

Conservation agriculture is emerging as an alternative farming method by many smallholder farmers. Farmers in Matanya Location in Laikipia East Sub-County shared this fact during a field day organized by ACT in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture and Kenya Agricultural & Livestock research Organization (KALRO).

The event held on 18th December 2014 was hosted by the Kavenge Dairy Goat farmers group at Mrs. Grace Migwi farm in Weru-Ini Village in Laikipia East. The event was attended by a pool of over 130 farmers drawn from the Tigithi and Ngobit wards and other neighboring areas. The County government officials present were; The County Director of Agriculture (CDA), Sub-County Agricultural Officer (SCAO) and the Member of the County Assembly, Tigithi ward (MCA). Eight partners, including Faulu-Kenya, Olpejeta Conservancy, Agriculture Sector development programme (ASDSP), TIST, DUNPONT, Taifa SACCO, Sunrise Ago-dealers, Kenya Dairy Goats Association (KENGAP) and Plan International representing seed companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and banking institutions participated in the field day.

The following objectives were covered;

  1. To show farmers the difference between conservation and conventional agriculture.
  2. To increase awareness of conservation agriculture in the area.
  3. To learn from the successes and good practices of the host farmer.
  4. To identify the major challenges farmers face in production and marketing.

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