Mr. David Buuri – Fabricator of CA hand tools

DavidHe is a technician who fabricates agricultural machineries such as Maize shellers, Chaff cutters to name a few.  He is located at Mwireri village in Umande ward, Laikipia East. He was trained by ACT in year 2014 on how to make Hand CA tools, mainly Hand rippers and weed scrappers so as to meet the demand for CA tools in Laikipia East.His role as a fabricator of agricultural tools and machineries is his main source of income for his family. His vision is to develop Mwireri general workshop into a manufacturing company for agricultural machineries and implements.







Mr. Stanley Muriuki – Service provider of CA services

MuruikiMr. Muriuki is a highly experienced CA service provider, he provides services ripping, planting and transportation services to the farmers in Kalalu location in Laikipia East Sub-County and beyond. He owns hand, animal and motor-driven CA tools and equipment.His main source of income and food is CA service provision and farming.






Mr. Peter Kahiu – Farmer cum CA Service provider

Mr. Kahiu is a father of 4 children and lives in Muhonia village. His main occupation is carpentry and masonry. His farm is located within coordinates S 00.10284o and E Peter036.77258o in a region with the range of rainfall between 450-700mm p.a. He started CA through an initiative ACT and ministry of Agriculture year 2010. He is a CA Model farmer and is practicing CA on 5 acres piece of land. He grows mainly maize, sorghum and bean crops. Besides farming, he offers such services as ripping and weeding to his fellow farmers at the neighbourhood.  He is looking forward to owning a planter so as to enable improve on his service provision activity.